Participant Ticket Prices

Single Day Ticket

S$ 18

Ticket for a Single day. You can choose which day you want to attend. Perfect for starting point for your Hydroponics and Aquaponics journey

  • Entry for ONE day (Choose either Date)
  • Public relations services before and during the Exhibition
  • Access to Networking with Exihibitors and other visitors during the festival
  • Build Strong connections

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Two Days Ticket

S$ 30

Ticket for both the days. Ideal for businesses who want to collaborate and grow.

  • Entry for Both Days
  • Meet thousands of people
  • Access to networking with exhibitors
  • Build strong connections

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Business Class Ticket

S$ 60

Ticket for both the days + One year of International Agritech business class networking membership.

  • Invitation to four other International Industry talks on AgriTech
  • Entry for entire Festival
  • Access to Networking with Exhibitors for ONE year

Event completed. Ticket Sale Closed