Special Group Discount Page for Hydroponic Fodder for Beginners Community

Farm2Hope Pte ltd is the co-organiser of ‘AgriTechFest’ webinar.

Farm2Hope is pleased to offer a special discount of 50% on one day ticket and two days tickets for the AgritechFest webinar to:

Hydroponic Fodder for Beginners Community.

Please click on the ‘Buy’ button below to purchase either one day ticket and two days ticket at the special discounted price as follows:

One day ticket special discount price: S$9 (Public price: S$18)

Two days ticket special discount price: S$15 (Public price: S$30

What to expect when you browse to buy tickets

By clicking on the ‘Buy Ticket NOW’ button you will be taken to the following pages (as example)

buy tickets bu-ticket-product11

You may purchase ONLY ONCE using ONE DEVICE (mobile phone or laptop) at the special discounted price. If you attempt to purchase a second time using the same device, you may see warning messages.

If you encounter such warning you may also try to ‘Refresh’ the page and try again. Alternately, use a different device.