Special Group Discount Page for ‘Singapore Institute of Technology’ (SIT)
Students, Staff and Associates

Andrew Keong

Farm2Hope is indeed honoured to have support from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) faculty through Assoc. Prof. Andrew Keong Ng speaking in the AgriTechFest webinar on 27th Nov 2020 on the title:

"Towards Smart and Sustainable Aquaponics for Liveable Cities"

Farm2Hope Pte ltd is the co-organiser of ‘AgriTechFest’ webinar.

Farm2Hope is pleased to offer a special discount of 50% on one day ticket and two days tickets for the AgritechFest webinar to:

SIT Students, Staff and Associates

Please click on the ‘Get DISCOUNT now’ button below to purchase either one day ticket and two days ticket at the special discounted price as follows:

One day ticket special discount price: S$9 (Public price: S$18)

Two days ticket special discount price: S$15 (Public price: S$30)

What to expect when you browse to buy tickets

By clicking on the ‘Get DISCOUNT now’ button you will be taken to the following pages (as example). You do not have to key in any ‘Coupon’. It will be automatically applied.

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You may purchase ONLY ONCE using ONE DEVICE (mobile phone or laptop) at the special discounted price. If you attempt to purchase a second time using the same device, you may see warning messages.

If you encounter such warning you may also try to ‘Refresh’ the page and try again. Alternately, use a different device.